How To Stop Plumbing From Sweating


Sweating pipes occur when the water inside your plumbing is much colder than the air outside the pipe, causing condensation to develop on the exterior of the pipe in question. When the temperature difference is extreme and the air humid enough, a great deal of water can form, which can cause water damage and promote mold and mildew growth, a serious health hazard. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to stop your plumbing from sweating.

6 October 2015

Tips To Help Keep Your Plumbing Safe From Common Wintertime Problems


The winter months can present numerous problems for your home, and this is particularly true when it concerns your plumbing system. For new homeowners, preventing these problems from creating major issues for the house can be particularly challenging because they may not know how to avoid some of the more common plumbing problems pipes can experience. If you are about to go through your first winter in your new home, you can use these two tips to help ensure that you avoid some of these major issues.

29 September 2015

Cleaning Clogs From Your Home Sewer Drain


It's an unsavory thought, but what do you do if you have a clogged sink or commode you cannot open up with your plunger? You might think your first option is to call in the plumber, but with the right tools, you should be able to open your drain and get your grey water flowing like it should again.  Chemical Cleaners In some cases, the source of a clog is nothing more than a build up of grease that has cooled and solidified on the inside of your drain pipes.

20 September 2015

Residential Electric Water Heater Care And Maintenance Tips


While electric hot water heaters are fairly maintenance-free appliances, they do need some regular maintenance to ensure that they are working well and have not developed any leaks. By catching small problems, you can avoid larger repair costs later on. Follow these tips to properly care for your home's electric water heater: Use Dish Soap to Help Locate Water Leaks  If your water heater has a small water leak that you are unable to determine the location of by just simply looking at it, then you can use your kitchen's dish soap to assist you.

11 September 2015

Plumbing Tips: 2 Natural & Low Cost Decloggers You Can Try


You might not think about your drains clogging up until it happens. And you may think that the only option is to use expensive decloggers that could harm your drains. But there are other options. The following are 2 natural options that can unclog your drain without hurting your plumbing system and are affordable. 1. The Bubbly Declogger The first solution you can try is simply using vinegar and baking soda.

2 September 2015

Maintaining Your Septic Tank Without Chemicals


Many people living in areas where a city-wide plumbing system isn't available rely on septic tanks to manage their waste. If you have a septic tank, you know how important regular maintenance can be when it comes to keeping your tank working properly. Rather than buying chemicals to help maintain your septic tank, here are three alternative products that can be used to keep your septic system running smoothly. 1. Baker's Yeast

3 August 2015

2 Handy Tips for Quieting Loud Pipes


Are your water pipes making a racket that's keeping you awake at night? There are a few different reasons your pipes can start to cause a ruckus. Some of the causes have easy fixes you can do yourself, while others will require the assistance of a plumber. Here are two of the most common reasons for loud pipes and  how you can quiet down your home and sleep sound. Water Hammer

26 June 2015

Tips For Solving Common Furnace Air Flow Problems


Poor airflow can ruin the efficiency of your furnace, and in extreme cases it may lead to necessary repairs. For example, if the warm air isn't flowing well through your vents, or if the heater isn't drawing cool air in for reheating, this can put stress on the motor, fans, and belts. With time, this can cause these parts to wear out prematurely. Solving an airflow problem can prolong the life of your furnace, while also keeping you warmer and saving energy.

19 June 2015

How to Take a Bath or Get a Hot Shower after Your Electric Water Heater Goes Out


Electric water heaters have very short life spans. They often die when you least expect them to, leaving you and your family in need of hot water for bathing and washing. Until a plumber can get to you and repair or replace your water heater, here are some alternative ways to getting fresh-as-a-daisy clean. For a Tub Bath at Home If you have the time and the patience, pull out every Dutch oven and stock pot you own, fill them with water and set them on your stovetop to boil.

17 June 2015

Water Heater Drain Valve Leaks Or Clogs? Here's What To Do!


The drain valve at the base of your hot water heater can become troublesome at times. It can leak or become clogged, so what do you do when that happens? Below, you will find out exactly what to do if your hot water drain valve is no longer working properly. Water Heater Won't Drain If the water heater won't drain, the drain valve may be clogged with debris or sediment. This can be a relatively easy fix.

11 June 2015