New Homeowners: Tips On Preparing Your Home For The Cold


Depending on where you live, the weather may not be too extreme – at least not yet. If you've recently purchased your first home and have no clue how to prepare for an ice storm, a big freeze or even a huge snow blizzard, here are a few tips to help prepare your home for Jack Frost: 1. Make Sure You Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit. You may have an emergency kit already prepared that consists of water, food and medication for all household members.

21 December 2015

Five Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your Disposal Blades Sharp


When it comes to your kitchen sink, keeping your garbage disposal in good shape is an important part of avoiding drain clogs. You can minimize the chances of food waste causing clogs if you keep your garbage disposal blades sharp. Sharp disposal blades will adequately liquefy food before it reaches your drain trap. The following are five important things you can do to avoid kitchen sink clogs by keeping your disposal blades sharp: 

15 December 2015

Understanding The Importance Of Your Water Heater's Anode Rod


Of all the major appliances in your home, the water heater is one of the most heavily used. To reduce the likelihood of major repairs or upgrades, it is therefore highly important that you keep your water heater in tip-top shape. If you would like to learn more about maintaining this vital piece of equipment, read on. This article will take a closer look at one of your water heater's most important components--the anode rod.

8 December 2015

Tank Water Heater Showdown: Electric Vs. Hybrid Electric


Tanked water heaters, or traditional water heaters, come in several different styles based around how the heat is generated. Two common styles are electric and hybrid electric. Electric water heaters simply use electricity-powered heating elements to warm the water in the tank. A hybrid electric tank also have electric heating elements but those only power on if the unit is unable to absorb enough heat from the surrounding air to warm the water in the tank.

30 November 2015

Increasing The Size Of Your Bathroom With The Power Of Illusion


If you have a tiny bathroom, chances are you feel a bit claustrophobic when you go inside to use it. Adding some illusionary effects to your bathroom can make you feel as if it is bigger than it really is. Here are some easy ways to increase the appearance of space within your small bathroom, making you feel as if the room is much larger as a result. Add Reflection Mirrors will increase the appearance of space in any room they are used.

18 November 2015

A Careful Way To Deal With A Leaking Toilet Shutoff Valve


A leak in the shutoff valve connecting a toilet's hose to its tank is definitely not something minor. The slow drip of water from the valve ends up accumulating rather quickly on the bathroom floor. In addition to causing the tiles and caulking to rot, the water could leak through the floor into the downstairs ceiling. The result is more damage and costlier repairs. Deliberate action is necessary to get the plumbing situation under control.

12 November 2015

3 Things That Can Cause Your Central Heating Unit To Mess Up


Now that winter is quickly approaching, it is that time of year when many people start turning on their central heating units. After going several months without being turned on, a lot of things can happen to cause your heat not to work properly. Here are three things that can cause your central heating unit to mess up. 1. Dirty air filters. It should go without saying that you need to keep your air filters clean in order for your heating unit to function as it is supposed to.

3 November 2015

Should You Choose Pipe Lining Or Pipe Bursting To Fix Your Sewer Line?


A lot of things can go wrong with a sewer pipe as it ages. From infiltration by tree roots to corrosion and structural damage to buildup of minerals from hard water, no sewer pipe can last forever. Luckily, repairing (and even replacing) underground pipes no longer means tearing up the ground above to get at them. Combining diagnostic video cameras with trenchless sewer repair means you can get your pipe back in working order with minimum disruption – no digging up the old pipe to repair it or creating a huge hole to pull it out and replace it.

26 October 2015

Plumbing Tips If Your Home Is Party Central


If you love to entertain, your plumbing might not be ready for what you have in store. Overnight guests, wild parties, and couples' dinners can all cause problems with plumbing if you aren't ready for it. Your guests won't mean to cause problems, but sometimes plumbing problems can pop up if you don't prepare your home for this. Here are three common scenarios where your house guests might innocently cause plumbing issues and how to avoid them.

19 October 2015

Beach House Plumbing Issues And How To Avoid Them


Owning a beach house can be a great way for your family to unwind during the summer months, but can come with its own problems. One area of your home that might take more of a beating than you realize is the plumbing. Here are four common plumbing issues that can wreak havoc on your beach home and how to avoid further damages. 1. Sand Down the Drain If you are lucky enough to have a home right up next to the beach, you know that sand is a constant contender in your home.

14 October 2015