Assessing An Inssue With An Electric Water Heater


Your electric water heater may be the one household appliance that you take for granted, especially if it is out of sight and stored inside of a utility closet. If the length of time that a supply of hot water lasts is markedly lessening, determine the severity of the problem and whether or not you will need to contact a plumber for emergency services.

A Leak May Be The Issue

If one of the electrical components necessary for the machine's operation has shorted out, a sudden decrease in hot water will be evident and you likely will continue to be supplied solely with cold water. If the initial sign of a malfunction is based upon a smaller supply of hot water, but you are able to acquire hot water later on, a slow leak could be the issue and either the water heater and connections could be damaged or the plumbing that leads to your home could be cracked or contain a part that has separated from the rest of the plumbing.

Inspecting the water heater and plumbing may help you pinpoint where the problem is. Look for wet plumbing pieces, drips, or puddling water. A slow leak isn't a big concern that will constitute having emergency services performed and you can wait until a plumber's normal business hours to have the problem remedied.

For water that is gushing out onto the flooring that is under and around the water heater or a large plumbing issue that relates to the pipe sections that are attached to the water heater, turn off the water heater by twisting the knob or engaging the lever that is on top of the unit. This will prevent water from filling up inside of the heater. Additionally, turn off the main water valve since the problem could be associated with the plumbing that water must run through prior to entering the water heater.

Patch Can Be Used

If the leak is minor, you will want to have it repaired by a plumber, but you may need to have access to hot water for the time being. Many patching products are inexpensive and require no tools to administer them to plumbing. A flexible product that is designed to wrap around a pipe will form a seal. With any plumbing repair product that you purchase, read over the step-by-step instructions prior to securing the patching material around the outside of a pipe.

For more information, contact a local residential plumbing service.


16 October 2020

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