Three Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner


All homeowners should learn how to take care of the air conditioner. Air conditioner maintenance doesn't have to be rocket science and it's such an important appliance in the home. You can do a few things every year to help extend the life of the unit and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You still may need to hire a professional to assist with air conditioning maintenance or repair but being informed and doing your best to care for it can help avoid bigger issues. Here are three simple ways you can take care of your air conditioner:

Wash It Down

This is a little-known way to keep your unit working efficiently. Once a year you should take the time to hose down your exterior unit while it is not running. Giving the air conditioner a good spray down helps to clear leaves, dust, and debris to help the condenser to run better. When the unit has to work less it means less wear and tear on the appliance and lower utility bills!

Replace Air Filters

Replacing the air filters in your home for the air intake vent is one of the most commonly performed maintenance tasks for an air conditioner. Most people know where this vent is located in the home and can access it to swap out old dirty filters. The key to this air conditioning maintenance task is doing this often enough. Any resistance that the filter has due to being clogged with dirt means the unit is working harder to suck in the air to cycle and cool. You should actually be doing this every 90 days! Once a year is not enough and can lead to issues later on. If you have pets in the home you should be replacing the filter even sooner than that because there are extra allergens in the home.

Cover It For Fall and Winter

If you live in a state with four seasons, you need to have a quality cover for your AC unit. This will help you avoid leaves, debris, and damage from water freezing when you are not using your unit to cool the home. Covers are not very costly and very easy to put on. Most have simple velcro straps to help keep them in place during their off-season.

Doing these three things can help you keep your air conditioner in great shape. If you have any concerns or questions about air conditioner maintenance, contact a local professional.


21 September 2020

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