Plumbing Issues: Is It An Emergency Or Can You Wait To Call A Plumber?


A plumber will deal with pipe leaks, problems with your water heater, and other issues with your plumbing system. You can't prevent every plumbing emergency from occurring, but you can make a decision whether you need help immediately or you can wait to call your plumber during normal business hours. In general, if you are not able to stop the water and you are at risk of causing damage to your property, you need an emergency plumber to come to your home. If you are without water, you won't be able to use your plumbing until you get the help you need. Some plumbing issues are inconvenient, while others are a true emergency and it can save you money to understand the difference. 

You Have Sewage Backing Up in Your Home

A main sewer line clog can lead to a big mess in your home. If sewage is backing up into your home from the toilet and your drains, it's time to call an emergency plumber. You need to have the clog taken care of right away, and you won't be able to use any plumbing in your home until you do. Wastewater backup is toxic, and you need to get the mess cleaned up quickly to avoid a health hazard in your home.

You Don't Have Water In Your Home

If you have to shut off your main water supply because of a leak, you might consider this a plumbing emergency. While you could wait until morning before using your water, you might not want to wait to see what is wrong with your plumbing. If you can isolate where the leak is and only shut off the supply valve to the leaking pipe, you can still use water in the rest of your home before a plumber comes.

Your Home is Getting Damaged

A burst pipe somewhere in your ceiling can lead to significant water damage in your home. If you can't figure out where the water is coming from, it's time to call a plumber for the emergency. You can find the main water supply and shut it off, but then you don't have any water at all.

Plumbing leaks like a dripping faucet or leaking toilet can usually wait until normal business hours, while any flood that is making a mess in your home is an emergency. Call your plumber when you aren't sure what to do and you have a plumbing issue in your home.


11 March 2020

plumbing mistakes - when to call in the pros

Do you know when to call a plumber? I had it in my head that plumbing was a simple system in my home that I could manage myself, but quickly learned otherwise. After completing a bathroom renovation myself and having a few of the water and drain pipe connections fail, I quickly learned that it was one job that I should have left to a professional. My website offers you simple solutions to small plumbing issues and a short guide to help you determine if your best option is to call in the professional plumbers. Hopefully, my mistakes will help you learn what not to do in your home.