Temporarily Patch An Outdoor Copper Waterline That Contains A Small Pinhole


A small pinhole in an outdoor copper waterline can cause reduced water pressure inside of your home. Complete the steps below in order to temporarily patch the hole if you are unable to have the waterline replaced right way. By doing so, your water supply will not be compromised.


  • copper cleaning agent
  • sponge
  • towel
  • metal file
  • rubber gloves
  • epoxy putty for exteriors
  • weatherproof plumbing tape
  • water hose
  • scissors

Clean And Sand The Waterline And Apply Epoxy

Turn off the water supply. Apply a small amount of a copper cleaning agent to a sponge and wipe off the outside of the damaged waterline with it. Use a towel to dry the line's surface. Move a metal file back and forth over the surface of the line that has a pinhole in it. By roughing up the surface with the file, the epoxy putty will bond more easily.

Knead a small amount of putty between glove-covered fingers. Once the putty has been flattened and is an even thickness, wrap it around the damaged section of the waterline. Press the putty firmly against the line and wait for the putty to harden.

Wrap Plumbing Tape Around The Hardened Putty

Spray a roll of plumbing tape with a water hose for several seconds. Squeeze the roll with both hands to remove excess water. The water that was sprayed onto the roll will activate the side of the tape that will be applied to the line so that it sticks and does not shift out of place. Peel the end of the tape loose from the roll. Line the tape up over the hardened putty. Press the end of the tape firmly against the putty until it adheres. Unwind the tape from the roll and wrap it snugly around the putty-covered surface.

A couple layers of tape that are evenly distributed over the putty will provide the damaged portion of the waterline with plenty of protection from leakage. Use a pair of scissors to trim the tape. Wait for the tape to dry thoroughly. Once this occurs, you can turn on the water supply and use water in your home in a normal manner. The tape and epoxy will not shrink or loosen if it is exposed to moisture. Talk to a plumber like Silverdale Plumbing & Heating Inc about inspecting the plumbing outside of your home in the near future in order to replace the section of the waterline that contains a pinhole. 


15 September 2016

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