Seal Gaps Around A Window Air Conditioning Unit


If the window air conditioning unit that you use in your office has gaps around it, causing it to rattle when it is turned on and warm air to enter the premises, take measures to seal them with the follow steps. Once you have completed the project, the unit will operate efficiently and you may notice that it doesn't take as long as it previously did for the unit to cool down your work space.


  • measuring tape
  • self-adhesive foam weatherstripping
  • scissors
  • water
  • detergent
  • lint-free cloths
  • rope caulk
  • putty knife

Cut Weatherstripping And Clean The Window Frame 

Turn off and disconnect the air conditioning unit. Measure the length and width of the gaps that are around the air conditioning system. Purchase self-adhesive weatherstripping that is long and thick enough to cover them. Use scissors to trim the length of each piece that you will be applying, if needed.

If there are any minor gaps around the unit that weatherstripping pieces will not fit into, they can be filled with rope caulk. This type of sealant is flexible and can be pressed into small areas in order to form an airtight seal. Ask a friend assist you with removing the air conditioning unit from the window. Clean the window frame with a damp, soap cloth. Dry the frame with a lint-free cloth once it is clean.

Apply The Weatherstripping, Install The Unit, And Add Caulk

Remove the adhesive backing from the pieces of weatherstripping and press each one against one side of the frame where you previously noticed a gap. Install the air conditioning unit and lower the top portion of the window until the unit is stabilized. Cut pieces of rope caulk to fill in small gaps that remain next to the unit.

Mold each piece of caulk with your fingertips and use a putty knife to press each piece into the areas that need coverage. The caulk will require several hours to dry. After this time, the product will prevent air or moisture from entering your office.

Turn On The Unit And Inspect The Conditions

Plug in the unit and turn it on. If your office cools down in a little while, the unit no longer rattles, and you do not feel any warm air entering the room, the steps that you have taken to seal the gaps were successful. You will remain cool and comfortable on hot days and your unit will not vibrate while it is running.


5 August 2016

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