Plumbing Like A Pro: Steps You Need To Take To Address Hair Clogs


Human hair is one of the worst things you can send down your bathroom drains. It mats up, gets stuck, and blocks other things from going down the drain and then rots and smells, producing a very foul-smelling drain. If your water runs slowly down the drain in your sink or backs up in the tub while you take a shower, you may have a hair clog. Here are the plumbing steps you need to take to manage this problem like a pro.

Remove the Hair Clog

This may be easier said than done, depending on where the pile of rotting hair sits in your pipes. A sink auger, however, may be able to pull some of that mess up.

Sink Auger Method

  1. Run the sink auger down the sink or tub drain until you feel some resistance, and then begin to crank the handle on the auger so that the auger head twists like a corkscrew through the blockage.
  2. When it feels like the blockage has been bypassed and more of the auger's line can move down the drain, retract the auger and pull out everything that comes with it.
  3. Be prepared for a smelly, slimy mess of rotting hair! It should be thoroughly wrapped around and in the coils of the auger head. Remove what you can and toss it in the garbage can.
  4. Then repeat the process until you do not pull any more hair out of the drain.

Pulling the Pipes Apart

If you cannot reach the hair clog with an auger, you may have to take some pipes apart. To start with, locate the u-shaped pipe piece. This is called "the trap" because a lot of stuff gets stuck here when it cannot move past the u-bend in the pipe.

  1. Make sure you have the water to your sink or your tub shut off and then use a wrench to remove the trap.
  2. Shine a light into the trap to see if the hair clog is there. If not, shine the light into the section of pipe that travels away from the bottom of the trap.
  3. If you can see the clog in this part of the plumbing, you can snake the drain auger through from here, instead of trying to run it from the drain, through the trap and into the pipe where the clog sits.
  4. Now pull the hair clog out and put the trap back into place, making sure you tighten all the connections.

That is it--you are done. Just run some water through the drain to make sure it goes down smoothly and you have just done your own plumbing the way the professional plumbers would have done it! 

For a clog that you can't see or can't reach, a company like Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc can help.


20 July 2016

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