What Are Dual Flush Toilets And Do They Really Save Money?


To understand if a dual flush toilet saves money, you must understand how it functions. The unit has two handles or buttons that can flush varied water levels. It is more complex than standard toilets and will be a bit more expensive. It carries advantages and disadvantages, some of which are described if you read further. 

The mechanics of the toilet relies on gravity to remove debris from the toilet, and the water line is lower than traditional toilets. The hole in the bottom of the unit is larger and is one of the reasons it will not take as much water to flush. It allows gravity to remove the waste.

The process is simple. When you flush the bowl, the water will fill a siphon tube. As air enters the tube, the waste will go down the drain. The drain hole is larger than traditional toilets, prevent clogging. Therefore, you more than likely will not have to plunge the toilet as often.


Even though you believe you are saving water, you may have to flush more than once. This could cause more water consumption, versus a standard toilet whereas one flush could have done the job.

These units are also more expensive to purchase.  Along with a higher price point, the water level is low, and the waste could remain in the bowl.  Even if you use the full flush mode, you will probably be forced to clean the porcelain surface more often. 


If you have an older unit/single-flush, you could save money by adding a plastic bottle filled with sand or pebbles (away from the plumbing equipment) to use less water. However, if you need to replace the toilet, it may be wiser to purchase a dual-flush unit.

If you are searching for another toilet, it is best to look for the Water Sense label. The label is provided by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and is used for consumers to know the product is of a high-quality and water efficient. It is reported that water savings can be as much as 20% to 60% savings annually. With these savings, your family can use the money for other home projects.

The choice is simple. If you intend to be in the home for your lifetime, you may want to reconsider replacing it with a dual-flush toilet. It will be more expensive for installation unless you are a do-it-yourself person. You will also need to consider the additional labor involved. Contact a company like Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc for more information.


7 April 2016

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