Protect Yourself & Learn How To Detect A Toilet Leak


One of the systems in your house that uses the most water is your toilet. If your toilet ever gets a leak, it can significantly increase your water usage. A leaky toilet can cost you a lot of money and can waste a lot of water. You can prevent this by being aware of what causes toilet leaks and knowing how to detect a leak.

Ineffective Flush Valve Systems

One of the most common causes behind a leaky toilet is an ineffective flush valve system. Inside of your toilet tank, there should be a flapper or flush valve ball. The flapper inside of your toilet should form a seal that is watertight. Its job is to prevent water from leaking from the tank into the bowl of your toilet. Water should only be able to go from your tank to your toilet bowl when the handle is pulled.

The flush valve system is one of the most common areas where a leak can develop because the materials that make up the flapper can deteriorate and break down over time. This leak can develop very gradually and generally happens slowly over time.

Although it can be difficult to notice this leak, it is easy to test for it. Just put some food coloring inside of your toilet bowl and don't flush your toilet for about an hour. After an hour passes, check and see if the water inside of your toilet bowl has changed colors. If it has changed color, it means that water is leaking from the tank into the bowl and that the flapper or flush valve ball on your toilet needs to be replaced.

Broken Fill Valve

The second most common cause of a leaky toilet is a broken fill valve or a fill valve that was not properly put in place in the first place. Your toilet will leak if the shut-off valve is not able to close correctly. Your toilet will also leak water if the fill valve is placed too high inside of your tank. When either of these things happen, your tank will continually fill with water and leak the water out through the overflow tube. 

In order to discover if the fill valve is broken, you need to take off the cover on top of your toilet tank. Observe for a few minutes and see if water is going into the overflow tube at a consistent rate. You may need to check the tank and overflow tube a couple of times in order to determine for sure that the fill valve is the problem. If this is the issue, you will need to have the fill valve replaced.

Save yourself a lot of money by learning how to identify when your toilet is leaking water. A toilet that is leaking water can easily create a lot of water waste and can drive up your water bill if left untreated. 

For more information or if you have found a leak in your toilet that must be repaired, contact local plumbing contractors, such as those at Trenchless Pipe Technologies, who can help fix the problem for you.


23 February 2016

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