Are Wi-Fi Thermostats A Good Choice?


Gone are the days of simple thermostats where you have to squint your eyes to see what temperature it's set at and you have to manually adjust it. Now there are wi-fi thermostats that can do much more than you ever imagined a thermostat can do.

How They Work

Wi-Fi thermostats are like regular thermostats, but they have the extra capability of being connected to your home's internet network. This gives you the freedom to control the temperature of your home even when you're not there.

With normal smart thermostats you can program your thermostat to lower or raise the temperature at certain times, but with the unpredictability of life, sometimes those programmed times don't work. For instance, if you are on vacation and decide to stay a day longer, you can adjust your programmed time accordingly if you have a wi-fi thermostat.

Other Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

Besides making sure the temperature is comfortable for you when you get home, there are many other benefits of wi-fi thermostats.

  • Save money: According to you can save 5 to 15 percent annually on your heating expenses in winter by turning back your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for at least eight hours. The same strategy can be done in the summer to save money on your air conditioning bill. A wi-fi thermostat will help you program your thermostat while you're away and also give you flexibility to change the programming if your plans change to ensure you achieve those savings.
  • Convenience: If you forget to adjust your thermostat, you don't have to turn the car around or go home in order to do so. If you are in another part of your house, you can adjust it remotely. Perhaps most convenient of all is that when you wake up and you're too sleepy to get up, you can just grab your cellphone and adjust the thermostat from bed.
  • Eco-friendly: Wi-Fi thermostats not only save money, they save energy. The same aspects of a wi-fi thermostat that saves you money also applies to saving energy. The lower your temperature in cold weather, the more energy you save. The same goes for hot weather. The warmer the interior of your house, the more you save energy.

The benefits of a wi-fi thermostat more than pay for its purchase. You can save money and energy, and it's incredibly convenient. Now that you know all of the aspects of a wi-fi thermostat, you can decide if this thermostat is best for your home. For more information about this option, contact heating and cooling services in your area. 


4 February 2016

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