Portable Toilet Rental 101: A Guide For Residential Customers


If you are a homeowner who is unfortunately having to undergo a major plumbing project on your home, it can put you and your family in a difficult position. You will either have to leave your home during the project due to no available facilities or stick around and take frequent trips to visit the neighbor for a toilet visit, which may get fairly awkward. One solution that many residential plumbing customers don't give consideration at times like this is the fact that even a residential homeowner can rent a portable toilet. Here are a few of the most common questions you may have about renting a portable toilet during a home plumbing project. 

Can the plumber help you get a portable toilet temporarily?

Your plumber can most likely help you get a portable toilet delivered to your home if this is a route that you wish to take until the plumbing repairs are complete. Plumbers commonly work with business customers who have no choice but to make sure they have facilities available in their stores or public arena when the regular bathrooms are out of order. Therefore, your plumber will easily be able to at least provide you with information on how to get the portable facility delivered; they may even take care of the whole process on your behalf.  

How much does a portable toilet cost?

Portable toilet rental is actually affordable. You should expect to pay something between $100 and $175 for a weekend portable toilet rental. Many portable toilet companies have prices advertised for weekend use because these facilities are most often used for special events. However, you can just as easily have a facility delivered through the week for usually around the same price. 

What kind of portable toilet should you rent if you have a large family?

A standard portable toilet will likely do just fine, even if you have a large family. The standard facility can usually withstand 90 to 100 uses before it will have to be emptied or retrieved. You can also obtain deluxe facilities, however, which actually have more than one toilet inside and may even have a working sink for hand washing. Keep in mind that you can also have the facilities emptied and replaced as much as necessary until your home's plumbing project is complete, and when a facility is retrieved, a replacement can be delivered at the same time. 


19 January 2016

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