Five Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your Disposal Blades Sharp


When it comes to your kitchen sink, keeping your garbage disposal in good shape is an important part of avoiding drain clogs.

You can minimize the chances of food waste causing clogs if you keep your garbage disposal blades sharp. Sharp disposal blades will adequately liquefy food before it reaches your drain trap.

The following are five important things you can do to avoid kitchen sink clogs by keeping your disposal blades sharp: 

1. Run cold water while using your disposal

You should always keep your faucet running when your disposal is on. Using cold water will allow oil and grease going down your drain to solidify quickly. If oil and grease solidify before they reach your drain trap, they will be less likely to cause clogs. 

2. Don't put fibrous foods down your disposal

Fibrous food waste will dull your disposal blades over time. This type of food waste will not only dull the blades, but it will also likely cause clogs when it reaches your drain trap. 

Some examples of fibrous waste that you should avoid putting down your disposal include banana peels, corn husks, celery, and lettuce. Avoid putting these types of food waste down your disposal and instead dispose of them in your trash can.

3. Use hot water to clear off residue

Before sharpening your blades, you can clean them off by putting a stopper in your sink drain and filling your sink with hot, soapy water.

Then, you can release the stopper so that the hot water gushes down your drain and washes away stuck-on debris. This is especially effective at getting solidified grease and oil off of your disposal blades. 

4. Put ice cubes, salt, and citrus peel pieces down

Putting ice cubes down your drain with your disposal running will knock debris off of your blades and help to sharpen them.

It's a good idea to also include salt and citrus in the ice cubes you put into your disposal. Salt and citrus peels will help to freshen the smell of your disposal as the ice cubes clean and sharpen the blades. 

5. Put egg shells down

As an alternative to ice cubes, you can use eggs shells to sharpen your disposal blades. This is a great way to avoid throwing your used eggs shells into the trash can. Make sure you leave the water running as you wash the egg shells down with your disposal.

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15 December 2015

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