Increasing The Size Of Your Bathroom With The Power Of Illusion


If you have a tiny bathroom, chances are you feel a bit claustrophobic when you go inside to use it. Adding some illusionary effects to your bathroom can make you feel as if it is bigger than it really is. Here are some easy ways to increase the appearance of space within your small bathroom, making you feel as if the room is much larger as a result.

Add Reflection

Mirrors will increase the appearance of space in any room they are used. In the bathroom, you have the option in placing a mirror on the front of your medicine cabinet, making the piece versatile. A full-sized mirror can be placed on the back of your bathroom door, instantly increasing the appearance of space when you shut it. Small mirrored tiles can be placed along walls. Larger mirrored tiles can be placed on ceilings or floors. Incorporating more than one of these options will increase the room space without spending a lot of money.

Ditch The Curtain

Instead of using a shower curtain to cover your bathtub area, consider upgrading to a glass enclosure. The space of your bathtub would then be viewed as part of the room instead of hiding it. This will add several feet of seen space to your bathroom. If you do not have the funds for a glass door shower or bathtub area, use a clear shower curtain instead.

Use The Right Lighting

A dark room will feel smaller than one that has ample lighting. Sunlight from the outdoors will make a room feel warm and pleasing in addition to brightening it up. If you have frosted or glazed windows in your bathroom, have them replaced with clear panes. You can use light-colored curtains or blinds to give yourself privacy when it is needed. This will allow natural sunlight into your room, amplifying the appearance of space.

During nighttime hours, use wall sconces instead of overhead lighting to illuminate the room. These will allow the light to bounce off walls instead of just highlighting the floor area. Increase the wattage of your light bulbs to give the room more light and to make it feel bigger.

Stay Away From Dark Colors

To increase the feeling of space in a room, light colors will help attract light. While white may seem like the best choice, it may reflect light, taking away from the aesthetics of the room. Instead, opt for a beige, off-white, light tan, peach or pale yellow color. These warm colors will attract enough light while giving a calming feeling in the room. 

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18 November 2015

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