Beach House Plumbing Issues And How To Avoid Them


Owning a beach house can be a great way for your family to unwind during the summer months, but can come with its own problems. One area of your home that might take more of a beating than you realize is the plumbing. Here are four common plumbing issues that can wreak havoc on your beach home and how to avoid further damages.

1. Sand Down the Drain

If you are lucky enough to have a home right up next to the beach, you know that sand is a constant contender in your home. Make sure that kids and pets hose down outside and that stray sand stays outdoors. Try your best to keep sand from ending end up in the washing machine or the shower where more sensitive drains and filters can't handle it. Some sand may be inevitable, and if you notice slow drains, bringing in a plumber to clear them once detected will help avoid larger issues.

2. Moist Air and Leaks

If you have slow leaks or drippy faucets, water damage can be compounded in foggy or moist environments. If decks or balconies are in a damp environment already, leaky faucets can cause rotting and compromise the structure of patios and your home. You might be less apt to fix leaks that are outdoors right away, but if your beach home's climate never really gets dry, a few extra drips can turn into big trouble quickly.

3. Entertaining During Vacation

If you have a beach home for entertaining during the weekends and summer months, chances are you will be welcoming houseguests. Try to remember that your guests won't know all of the limitations of your home. Provide helpful signage about what can go down the toilet and in the garbage disposal to help stop clogged drains from occurring by accident.

4. Plumbing Issues During the Off-Season

If your beach house isn't used year round, you don't want to come in to a plumbing disaster at the beginning of the season. Make sure that you have someone that can check in on your home in the winter months and ensure there are no leaks or burst pipes. If you can turn off the water at your beach home completely, this will help ensure that no flooding or other damages from broken plumbing can adversely affect your home.

Beach homes can come with their own specific issues and some of these will be specifically related to plumbing. Try your best to avoid these issues by knowing what you are up against and catching small problems before they set in. Go to websites for more information about what services professionals can offer. 


14 October 2015

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