Tips To Help Keep Your Plumbing Safe From Common Wintertime Problems


The winter months can present numerous problems for your home, and this is particularly true when it concerns your plumbing system. For new homeowners, preventing these problems from creating major issues for the house can be particularly challenging because they may not know how to avoid some of the more common plumbing problems pipes can experience. If you are about to go through your first winter in your new home, you can use these two tips to help ensure that you avoid some of these major issues. 

Avoid Disposing Of Grease Down The Drains

The winter months will bring many opportunities for preparing meals for large groups. Not surprisingly, this can lead to you needing to dispose of large amounts of cooking grease. Some people will make the error of pouring these substances down the drain, and this can quickly lead to the formation of major clogs. 

If you have already made this mistake, you may be able to free the clog by pouring a pot of boiling water down the drains before flushing them with warm water from the faucet. The boiling water will help loosen the solidified grease while the water from the faucet will help to flush these substances out of the drain. 

Keep Your Pipes Warm

Frozen pipes are another problem that your home may experience in the winter months. When this issue arises, your pipes can rupture, which can cause severe water damage to your home. While you may be aware of the need to leave your faucets dripping, there are some other steps you can use to minimize the risk of this type of damage striking your home. 

In particular, you will need to keep your pipes warm. You can do this by installing insulation around any pipes that are exposed to the cold air or near uninsulated walls. Additionally, you should open the cabinets under your sinks to help ensure the pipes receive warm air from the rest of the home. These two basic steps can drastically improve the ability of your pipes to withstand the winter months. 

Protecting your home's plumbing from these two common threats can be a relatively simple task. Making it a point to avoid disposing of grease from holiday meals down your drains as well as keeping the pipes warm will help you to ensure that your home makes it through the long winter without experiencing major plumbing problems. 

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29 September 2015

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