Cleaning Clogs From Your Home Sewer Drain


It's an unsavory thought, but what do you do if you have a clogged sink or commode you cannot open up with your plunger? You might think your first option is to call in the plumber, but with the right tools, you should be able to open your drain and get your grey water flowing like it should again. 

Chemical Cleaners

In some cases, the source of a clog is nothing more than a build up of grease that has cooled and solidified on the inside of your drain pipes. Many chemical drain cleaners will power through these clogs using chemicals that will create heat as a result of a chemical reaction. This heat will then liquify the grease and allow it to flow down your drain. You can accomplish the same results by boiling water and pouring it down your drain. In any case, if you try hot water or a chemical cleaner without good results, you need a back-up plan.

Snaking Your Drain

A drain snake is a coil of cable you can feed down your drain. At the end of the cable you put down the drain, you should have rough ends of cable you can use to grind up or skewer clogs. At the other end of the cable, you should have a crank that allows you to feed the cable down your drain and spin the cable so you can power through clogs. While a drain snake is a little more cumbersome to operate than a plunger, you do not need specialized training or knowledge in order to make use of a snake. Thus, having a drain snake on hand can be a good idea, especially if you have young kids who like to flush toys. 

Calling the Plumber

If you have tried plunging, chemically cleaning, and snaking your drain to no effect, then it is time to call for reinforcements. A qualified plumber will have many tools to use to identify exactly what is causing your clog, and a plumber will have specialized tools to permanently deal with the clog. 

Everyone knows about using a plunger to clear a clogged drain, but there are things that a homeowner can do besides plunging a drain to clear it. Doing what you can on your own will help to save money, but you should also know when to throw in the towel and let sewer cleaning services take care of the situation. 


20 September 2015

plumbing mistakes - when to call in the pros

Do you know when to call a plumber? I had it in my head that plumbing was a simple system in my home that I could manage myself, but quickly learned otherwise. After completing a bathroom renovation myself and having a few of the water and drain pipe connections fail, I quickly learned that it was one job that I should have left to a professional. My website offers you simple solutions to small plumbing issues and a short guide to help you determine if your best option is to call in the professional plumbers. Hopefully, my mistakes will help you learn what not to do in your home.