2 Handy Tips for Quieting Loud Pipes


Are your water pipes making a racket that's keeping you awake at night? There are a few different reasons your pipes can start to cause a ruckus. Some of the causes have easy fixes you can do yourself, while others will require the assistance of a plumber.

Here are two of the most common reasons for loud pipes and  how you can quiet down your home and sleep sound.

Water Hammer

Does the pipe clanking start as soon as you turn off a faucet? Your pipes might be suffering from a phenomenon called water hammer. This occurs when highly pressurized water is stopped suddenly such as when you switch off a faucet.

Your pipe system is supposed to have air chambers that prevent the water from stopping so suddenly and loudly. But those chambers can sometimes become flooded and fail. The easiest way to fix that problem is to turn off your main water supply and then turn on the faucet that's causing the noise. Allow the remaining water in the lines to drip slowly out of that faucet until dry. Turn the water supply back on and test the faucet again. If there's no noise, you've reset your air chamber. 

But improperly installed piping can lack air chambers entirely, which will cause constantly noisy pipes and eventual damage to your plumbing. This is the step where you call in a plumber for assistance. The plumber can install water hammer aerators in the lines to create the air chamber and quiet your pipes.

Loose Piping

Pipes that have become loose from their mountings can also cause the sound. This might involve mounting straps or brackets that are meant to hold the pipes firmly in place.

The best way to diagnose this problem is to turn on every faucet in your house and start tracing the origin of the noise. (Or, if you know which faucet is the culprit, simply turn that one on.) Loose pipes might be on your basement ceiling, inside your walls, or underneath an outdoor crawlspace.

If you find the pipe that's making the noise, check its mountings and fix what you can. Tightening screws or buying and installing a new mounting or strap is a fairly simple process using parts found at most hardware stores.

Are the loud pipes in your walls? Call a plumber like Roto-Rooter Sewer and Drain Service for help instead of taking an ax to the plaster to find the culprit.


26 June 2015

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