How to Take a Bath or Get a Hot Shower after Your Electric Water Heater Goes Out


Electric water heaters have very short life spans. They often die when you least expect them to, leaving you and your family in need of hot water for bathing and washing. Until a plumber can get to you and repair or replace your water heater, here are some alternative ways to getting fresh-as-a-daisy clean.

For a Tub Bath at Home

If you have the time and the patience, pull out every Dutch oven and stock pot you own, fill them with water and set them on your stovetop to boil. Close the drain in your tub as you normally would and fill with the pots of hot water the minute they start to steam. Do not worry about how hot it will be once you have the tub filled to the right depth--the constantly cooling water will eventually level out the final pots of water for an even temperature. (If your power is out completely and your water heater relies on electricity to run, you can heat water on a large grill outside, but this is a bit of a last resort.)

For a Hot Shower (Anywhere You Can Get It)

Obviously, you will not be able to shower with hot water at home. Many people have gym memberships or YMCA/YWCA memberships where they can go and take a hot shower. You could also shower at a friend's, another family member's or a significant other's if it is not too late at night when you discover that your water heater needs repair or your power is out. If your power is out and it is the middle of winter, it might be best if you packed up the family and headed for a shelter where there are showering facilities or, if you have the money, a hotel or motel for the night.

A Word on Emergency Plumbing Services and Electric Water Heaters

You could call an emergency plumber outside of business hours, but you will have to pay a premium. In addition to paying more, a plumber may not be able to replace your electric water heater on the spot, especially if every appliance store within miles is closed for the night. If the problem with your electric water heater is just something electric and has nothing to do with a power outage, then calling an emergency plumber like Clean Plumbers BY Phillip Maurici Plumbing Inc will definitely help get your hot water going again. Until you know what is wrong, (outside of a power outage), it might just be more beneficial to wait and select one of the above options for bathing instead.


17 June 2015

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