Water Heater Drain Valve Leaks Or Clogs? Here's What To Do!


The drain valve at the base of your hot water heater can become troublesome at times. It can leak or become clogged, so what do you do when that happens? Below, you will find out exactly what to do if your hot water drain valve is no longer working properly.

Water Heater Won't Drain

If the water heater won't drain, the drain valve may be clogged with debris or sediment. This can be a relatively easy fix.

  • Connect one end of your garden hose to the valve and the other end to a spigot.
  • Open the drain valve and turn on the water spigot.
  • Let the water run for about 20 seconds.
  • Turn off the water and close the drain valve.
  • Disconnect the hose from the drain valve and the spigot and put the ends of the hose in buckets to avoid water spilling onto the floor.
  • Place a bucket under the drain valve and open the valve. If this process has unclogged the valve, water should begin to pour from the valve.

Dripping Drain Valve

If the drain valve is leaking from the spout, use slip joint pliers to turn the valve to the right. You want to use enough force to close it entirely, but not so much force that you break the valve.

Another easy repair option is to buy a brass garden hose cap and cover the spout. Be sure that the hose cap you choose comes with a rubber washer or it may not work to fix the problem.

If your water tank is holding too much pressure, it could cause it to leak from the drain valve. Buy a water pressure gauge and screw it onto the drain valve. Open the valve and get a reading from the gauge. If the gauge reads over 80 psi, you must decrease the pressure in the tank.

To reduce the water pressure in the tank, open the temperature pressure relief valve located on the upper side of the tank. Opening this valve will release pressure and water from the tank lowering the pressure inside to safe levels.

If you have utilized the tips from above and still have a leaking or clogged drain valve, contact your local water heater repair technician like those at Johnny Pipewrench LLC. It is possible that the valve has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Although possible to do on your own, this task is best left to the professionals to guarantee that it is done right and that no further issues arise.


11 June 2015

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