Call A Plumbing Contractor Before Your Kitchen Update


If you are going to do some upgrades in your kitchen on your own and you want to move the sink and the dishwasher, you have to call a plumbing contractor first. Before you purchase all of your cabinetry and plan out how you are going to change things, you have to make sure it's possible.

The pipes should be examined before they are moved around. If you want to add a sink to an island, or a small wet bar somewhere in the space, there will be a lot of plumbing changes required. You want to talk with the plumbing contractor about the layout of the kitchen, and some other things which can be beneficial for your kitchen renovation:

Plumbing Changes

The plumber has to make sure that they can move the plumbing to provide water to the sink. They also have to make sure that they can put a waste pipe coming out of the sink, and coming out of the dishwasher. They also may need a permit to do this, depending on how much plumbing needs to be added or rerouted.

Drain Cleaning

Have you ever had the drains throughout your house cleaned? If not, you may want to have the drains and the pipes cleaned out, so there isn't a lot of gunk and debris when the plumber starts moving parts around. This can save you from having a huge mess, or needing to tear your kitchen apart to fix clogs after it's finished. During the cleaning, the plumber can look for potential problems.

Pipe Insulation

If there is piping running throughout the exterior of the home, and the piping is exposed under the or inside the cabinets, ask about insulation. Piping insulation can prevent the pipes from freezing in the winter, and it can help prevent condensation. Plumbing condensation can cause water to drip all over the bottom of your cabinets, which can cause water damage like mold and rotting.

If you are considering moving the refrigerator, the plumber may have to make some ventilation changes, which can be difficult. Updating your kitchen is a great way to add a lot of style and value to your home, but you want to make sure you do everything the right away. Have a plumber come to your home to make sure you can make the changes that you want safely, and get multiple estimates to compare expenses.

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25 March 2015

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